Chicago AC Filter Replacement & Installation

The quality of your air is important to us, and it is why we should perform indoor air quality checks, duct inspection and cleaning, and air filtration services. Not only is it important to make sure your air conditioning and filters work properly, but it is also important to make sure that you aren’t sick because of a faulty air filter or a bad air conditioning unit that leaks Freon (the vital chemical in AC systems). Chicago A/C Filters are the best choice for your money, as we do heating installation, maintenance, and repair for your homes. We have been serving the Chicago, IL area since 1998 and have serviced many air conditioning units in the area.

While maintaining your air conditioner, one of the most important pieces that can cause a big problem if it isn’t replaced is the air filter. The air filter is designed to stop dust from entering in certain parts of the air conditioner. If dust enters the air conditioner, it can build up over time and eventually break or damage the integrity of your unit. Air conditioning units which have been overrun with dust can have functioning problems, and you may not be getting the fresh and cold air that you require. Air filters are the most inexpensive and yet the most effective piece of any air conditioning unit.

Air ducts that have not been cleaned in a while can also affect the air quality and run time of your AC system. Regularly hiring us to clean your ducts can be an easy way to keep your air fresh, clean and safe to breathe. Ducts are subject to dust and other sorts of unwanted objects, which is why it’s important to regularly clean them. While air filters do stop most of the dust, there are also things such as bacteria and pathogens which can be eradicated by having us clean and restore your ducts to a pristine condition.

Replacing an old air conditioning unit or installing a new unit in your new home is a wise addition and a good way to spend your money. Not only do air conditioning units provide you with fresh and cool air, but they also help filter out harmful dust and air contaminants from your home. Maintaining an air conditioning unit with our services is not only a wise choice money-wise, but it is also a good investment for yourself.

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