Furnaces are so important in homes that federal laws require all homes in the U.S. have one. Our winters are long and cold, and without a properly working furnace, your home can be a dangerous place. Most of the furnaces in our area use natural gas for heating and should be serviced annually to achieve the most efficiency and keep you safe.

When we inspect your furnace, we clean and adjust all the parts, bringing it back to the factory specifications as closely as possible. We adjust the gas to air ratio so your system uses the fuel wisely. Our inspection also includes cleaning and examining the burner and heat exchanger. If we find any cracks, we’ll have to disable the furnace by turning off the gas. Cracks in either of these parts can leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your home, which creates a deadly situation and by law, you’ll either have to repair or replace the furnace.

If you opt for a replacement, we size the system based on the energy efficiency of your home, as well as its size. Going by the size of your current furnace can be misleading, especially if you’ve made improvements to the insulation or installed better windows. Installing too large a furnace costs you more initially and makes the system turn on and off more frequently, which causes premature wear and tear. It’s actually more efficient to install a system that’s a little too small than one that’s too big.

Our services for both installation and maintenance also include checking your ducts for leaks and sealing them, which lowers the cost of heating your home and increases its safety. Duct leaks send heated air to places where you don’t need it, which makes the furnace work longer to heat your home. Leaks can also create backdrafts, which pull CO into the ducts. We also make sure that nothing is blocking the flue, which means your furnace will vent from your home safely.

If you would like to learn more about furnace repair, maintenance or installation, contact MBR Services by dialing (708) 417-0725.