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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Air Conditioner

During the warm and humid summer months, air conditioning is a must in many parts of the country. Cooling your home in these months can make up a large chunk of your electric bill, making prices skyrocket quicker than you thought possible. Part of these costs are from common air conditioning mistakes that can be prevented. Here are some common air conditioner mistakes that can be avoided, lowering your bill and creating a better functioning air conditioning system.

1. Many people buy the biggest air conditioner possible, thinking that it will cool their homes more efficiently than a smaller model. This isn’t usually the case. In fact, larger models are usually less energy efficient, cost more, and aren’t necessary.

2. Another common air conditioning mistake is placing the unit in an overly warm place in the home. By doing this, you are making your unit work at a much harder pace than if you placed it in a spot with little direct sunlight, which raises your electric bill substantially.

3. Most people who purchase a home air conditioning system don’t realize that they need regular maintenance to keep the home cool and improve the lifespan of the machine. It may be wise to have a professional come every few months to clean and replace the filter, along with other routine maintenance.

4. Many people will turn down the temperature on their air conditioner to a much lower degree point than is necessary. This usually happens when the house is to warm – the individual turns down the machine to a low number, thinking that this will make the house cool down faster. Instead of doing this, set the temperature to what you are comfortable at. The air conditioner will cool down at the same speed, no matter how low the temperature gets set at.

5. The last common air conditioning mistake involves the ceiling fans in your home. You may think that these don’t need to be used when you have an air conditioner installed, but by running these along with the AC unit, you will lower energy costs and cool your home more quickly.

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