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8 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Fall

Save money on furnace boiler heating system in Chicago

With the cold weather quickly approaching, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their heating bills. The following eight money-saving tips will help you conserve energy without having to sacrifice heating comfort.

1. Schedule a System Tune Up. All machinery works better when it regularly receives maintenance. Have a service tech come in and look over your system and make any necessary adjustments so that it will run at peak performance.

2. Change Your Filter. You should change your air filter at least once a month. Keeping your filter clean will reduce strain on your system.

3. Replace Your Thermostat. If your thermostat is not a programmable one, you are throwing money away. You can program your home to be cooler when you are away, and warmer when you are home.

4. Have Ducts Cleaned. The easier that air flows through your system, the easier it will work. Clean ducts will also help you reduce allergens in your home.

5. Insulate Attic Spaces. Heat rises, and in many cases escapes through your attic space. By insulating this area the heat will remain in your home.

6. Buy Draft Guards For Your Doors. Draft guards laid across the bottom of your doors keeps cold air out and warm air in your home.

7. Check Your Windows For Drafts. Older windows often have leaky areas around the seals. You can either caulk around the windows, or if the drafts are bad, cover over the windows with plastic coverings until spring.

8. Close Vents in Unused Rooms. Heating spare rooms is a waste of energy. Only open the vents in these rooms when they are in use.

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