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How to Select the Right Furnace

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From a technological standpoint it can be argued that the heart of your home is your furnace. After all, how can you comfortably enjoy all the other features of your home if your furnace isn’t working properly? Therefore replacing your furnace is an important decision, and while it is best to consult a professional about it, there are still things you should know and think about in order to make an intelligent selection.

Perhaps the most basic thing you should consider is the heating requirements of your home. That means knowing the size of your house and what size furnace is capable of handling that much space. Obviously the larger the air volume of the house the larger the size of the furnace required.

Another reality that has to be faced is cost. Some furnaces have more energy saving features than others, and the more energy you can save the lower your heating costs will be. Consulting a professional is the best way to make sure that the furnace you buy has all the features you need to keep your heating bills affordable according to your budget. Remember a good furnace can last ten or even twenty years, and you don’t want to get caught with a model that wastes energy. Most people are unaware that there are also government programs that can help you afford your furnace through tax rebates or energy efficiency programs, which is another thing a professional can help you take advantage of.

The efficiency of your furnace can depend on a number of factors, such as whether it runs on electricity, gas or oil. While electricity is usually the most efficient, a professional can offer guidance as to what will work best for your house. There are also government regulations to consider, and these too are things a professional can help you to become in compliance with. But as long as you do your homework and rely on professional guidance there is no reason why you can’t minimize your expenses and maximize your savings with your new furnace.

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Radiator Vs. Heater to Save on Your Electricity Bill

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Radiator vs Heater to save on your Chicago Electricity Bill

Electric heaters and radiators are made to provide warmth for single rooms in your home, but they put out heat in different ways. To know which one is the best for your home, compare the cost effectiveness of both, the safety features of both and the conveniences that both offer.

Space heaters and radiators are just about 100 percent efficient in the way they use energy, but you can get a better efficiency based on what your heating needs are. For example, a small reading room could be warmed up by using a 600 watt heating element, but a family of 3 people sitting in the living room watching television would get better usage out of a much higher watt oscillating heater.

Space heaters have to rely on a quartz heating element, ribbon, or wire that produces the orange glow which radiates heat when activated. These units heat instantly the moment they start up unlike a radiator. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can find low watt heaters that will fit under your desk, or larger heaters that can be used to heat your family room or bedrooms.

Looking to install a new radiator or need to repair your current one? Contact MBR Services today in Chicago at (708) 417-0725. Our experienced Heating Specialists will help you determine which heating system best fits your home’s needs.

8 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Fall

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Save money on furnace boiler heating system in Chicago

With the cold weather quickly approaching, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their heating bills. The following eight money-saving tips will help you conserve energy without having to sacrifice heating comfort.

1. Schedule a System Tune Up. All machinery works better when it regularly receives maintenance. Have a service tech come in and look over your system and make any necessary adjustments so that it will run at peak performance.

2. Change Your Filter. You should change your air filter at least once a month. Keeping your filter clean will reduce strain on your system.

3. Replace Your Thermostat. If your thermostat is not a programmable one, you are throwing money away. You can program your home to be cooler when you are away, and warmer when you are home.

4. Have Ducts Cleaned. The easier that air flows through your system, the easier it will work. Clean ducts will also help you reduce allergens in your home.

5. Insulate Attic Spaces. Heat rises, and in many cases escapes through your attic space. By insulating this area the heat will remain in your home.

6. Buy Draft Guards For Your Doors. Draft guards laid across the bottom of your doors keeps cold air out and warm air in your home.

7. Check Your Windows For Drafts. Older windows often have leaky areas around the seals. You can either caulk around the windows, or if the drafts are bad, cover over the windows with plastic coverings until spring.

8. Close Vents in Unused Rooms. Heating spare rooms is a waste of energy. Only open the vents in these rooms when they are in use.

Ready to lower your heating bill this fall? Contact MBR Services in Chicago at (708) 417-0725 to have your expert HVAC Specialist check your home’s heating system and make your home more efficient and economical today.

Is an Electric Space Heater More Efficient Than Your Gas Furnace?

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Electric Space Heater Vs Gas Furnace in my Chicago Home

When the weather turns cooler, it signals the need for warm clothes and efficient heat sources. If you live in a temperate climate, you are probably not affected too much by the change in the weather. Not so for people living in areas that experience all four seasons. Cold climates get snow for several months during winter and adequate heating is necessary.

The question has been asked a dozen times or more,”Is an electric space heater more efficient than your gas furnace?” The answer is, it depends on the size of the space you are heating and how often you use it. Space heaters are designed to be used to heat small spaces when a furnace is not available.

One reason people purchase space heaters is to maximize the heat in certain rooms when their furnace is not doing an adequate job. This, of course, will increase your utility bill because you are running two heat sources to heat the same space. To save money, you would need to lower your thermostat and use the heater during times of the day when temperatures are slightly warmer.

Electric Space Heater from Lowes for Chicago Home

For cost efficiency, it is best to use space heaters in rooms that are not frequently used such as a garage, workroom, or outbuilding. Closing off areas that are not used is a way to save money by not heating them. You should also check your home’s insulation levels to determine if additional insulation is needed.

For a space heater to be cost effective, it must be used in place of your normal heating system. If you have a large home, you will see that this is impossible. However, it can be used in a small apartment according to the dimensions listed by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, an electric space heater will not take the place of your furnace. If your furnace or heating system is not heating your home adequately, you should consider purchasing a new, more efficient heating system. Energy-efficient appliances use less energy, saving you money over time. Make sure to choose a furnace or heat pump that will efficiently heat the size of your home.

Considering purchasing a new, more efficient heating system or have questions on your current heating system? Contact MBR Services today at (708) 417-0725 for an in-home consultation. You’ll be happy you did!

Chicagoland Home Remodeling & Design Expo September 22nd & 23rd, 2012

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Odeum Chicagoland Home Remodeling Show and Expo in Chicago IL

Don’t miss the big home remodeling and design exposition that will be held in Chicago at the Odeum Expo Center, Sept. 22 and 23, 2012! There will be several exhibits from both local and national landscaping and home improvement organizations to inspire your current or next home improvement project. Pick out candles, purchase some fall arts and crafts, or get ideas on your next bathroom remodel.

When visiting the various booths be sure to collect appropriate brochures so that you can make relevant notes about items you could potentially install in your project. Though critical measurements are usually printed on brochures, you will often find that you will need to make a few measurements of your own. Therefore, it is a good idea to take along a retractable measuring tape. A small pen-light is also handy. It is not infrequent that one needs to look underneath an appliance or fixture of one kind or another.

With free admission open to the public, free parking, and live entertainment, food, and do-it-yourself educational activities, this Home Remodeling and Design Expo is budget-friendly and fun for the whole family. Show hours are Saturday, September 22nd from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday, September 23rd from 10 am to 5pm at the Odeum Expo Center. Be sure to get there early so you don’t miss out on the free give-aways, drawings, and prizes!

For more information on attending this show, visit for more details.

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Preparing Your Heater for Fall in Chicago

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Preparing your heater for Fall in ChicagoIt is important to have your heater serviced on a yearly basis. It will be easier in the fall to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment in between air conditioner season and heater season. If you wait to schedule a visit in the winter, you may go on a non-emergency waiting list. Waiting for winter to service your furnace puts you at risk of a furnace break down and becoming one of those people on the emergency list.

Technicians will not be nearly as busy or pressed for time like they are during peak times. Off peak season works to a customer’s advantage. There is often a variety of discounts offered if you have your furnace serviced in the fall. It is possible you will receive a more thorough furnace check-up since employees do not have to rush to get to the next job. Preventive maintenance potentially catches problems before major damage occurs.

Repairing minor problems early can avoid a major problem later and save homeowners money. Taking care of one furnace problem early can pay for having your furnace serviced for several years. People who skip having their furnaces serviced yearly can end up having to replace the furnace altogether. Each service company has their own way of doing things, but a furnace check-up is going to be similar from all companies.

A good technician will do several things. Almost everyone knows to change furnace filters on a regular basis, but the technician will check them for cleanliness anyway. You can expect them to check your thermostat for accuracy and proper operation. It is common to check all connections including gas and electric for looseness or leakage.
Technicians will tighten or replace them as needed.

Contractors will properly lubricate the moving parts on your furnace. Repair people will make sure any drainage pipes remain unclogged and operating freely. Included in a check-up is verifying the proper operation of motors, heat exchangers, burners, and capacitors. When the technician leaves, your furnace will be clean, serviced and ready to operate at its most efficient level when winter comes.

Need to have your heater cleaned, serviced and ready for the coming winter this year? Call MBR Services today at (708) 417-0725 to schedule a service call.