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Green Your Home for Winter: Benefits of Having a Permanent Furnace Filter Professionally Installed

Professional Installation of Chicago Furnace Filter

With the winter season approaching very quickly, now is a great time to have a permanent furnace filter installed professionally. A major reason is for health concerns. In the winter months, more time is spent inside and germs are very prevalent. Indoors, the air pollutants and viruses have excellent conditions for continuously reproducing if precautions are not taken to destroy or at least control their growth. The level of pollutants indoors during the winter months may be much higher at times than the levels found outdoors due to the warm climate control being kept inside.

Permanent furnace filters help to remove air health hazards such as smoke, mildew, pollen, dust and lint. These filters remove many of the irritants that affect our breathing, allergies, cold symptoms and general health during the winter months. The permanent furnace filters literally clean the air you breathe and help you to stay healthy. Physicians are suggesting these filters to their patients as one way of beginning steps to improve health during the cold winter months.

Outdoors, we have the advantage of sunshine and fresh air to help destroy germs before we breathe them into our bodies. Indoors, the sun is not strong enough to filter through our windows to destroy the germs and the air does not circulate as freely. Having a permanent furnace filter installed by a professional will help to eliminate the cost factor of replacing filters each month. The individual who installs your filter can be hired to come each month and clean the filter for you. The permanent furnace filter can easily be removed and cleaned with water and a very mild detergent. You do not have to limit cleaning to once a month and can do so more often if their has been those with a cold or flu in the home. A regular monthly cleaning helps to assure the long life of your filter and much better health for you and family.

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