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Is an Electric Space Heater More Efficient Than Your Gas Furnace?

Electric Space Heater Vs Gas Furnace in my Chicago Home

When the weather turns cooler, it signals the need for warm clothes and efficient heat sources. If you live in a temperate climate, you are probably not affected too much by the change in the weather. Not so for people living in areas that experience all four seasons. Cold climates get snow for several months during winter and adequate heating is necessary.

The question has been asked a dozen times or more,”Is an electric space heater more efficient than your gas furnace?” The answer is, it depends on the size of the space you are heating and how often you use it. Space heaters are designed to be used to heat small spaces when a furnace is not available.

One reason people purchase space heaters is to maximize the heat in certain rooms when their furnace is not doing an adequate job. This, of course, will increase your utility bill because you are running two heat sources to heat the same space. To save money, you would need to lower your thermostat and use the heater during times of the day when temperatures are slightly warmer.

Electric Space Heater from Lowes for Chicago Home

For cost efficiency, it is best to use space heaters in rooms that are not frequently used such as a garage, workroom, or outbuilding. Closing off areas that are not used is a way to save money by not heating them. You should also check your home’s insulation levels to determine if additional insulation is needed.

For a space heater to be cost effective, it must be used in place of your normal heating system. If you have a large home, you will see that this is impossible. However, it can be used in a small apartment according to the dimensions listed by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, an electric space heater will not take the place of your furnace. If your furnace or heating system is not heating your home adequately, you should consider purchasing a new, more efficient heating system. Energy-efficient appliances use less energy, saving you money over time. Make sure to choose a furnace or heat pump that will efficiently heat the size of your home.

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