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Preparing your heater for Fall in ChicagoIt is important to have your heater serviced on a yearly basis. It will be easier in the fall to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment in between air conditioner season and heater season. If you wait to schedule a visit in the winter, you may go on a non-emergency waiting list. Waiting for winter to service your furnace puts you at risk of a furnace break down and becoming one of those people on the emergency list.

Technicians will not be nearly as busy or pressed for time like they are during peak times. Off peak season works to a customer’s advantage. There is often a variety of discounts offered if you have your furnace serviced in the fall. It is possible you will receive a more thorough furnace check-up since employees do not have to rush to get to the next job. Preventive maintenance potentially catches problems before major damage occurs.

Repairing minor problems early can avoid a major problem later and save homeowners money. Taking care of one furnace problem early can pay for having your furnace serviced for several years. People who skip having their furnaces serviced yearly can end up having to replace the furnace altogether. Each service company has their own way of doing things, but a furnace check-up is going to be similar from all companies.

A good technician will do several things. Almost everyone knows to change furnace filters on a regular basis, but the technician will check them for cleanliness anyway. You can expect them to check your thermostat for accuracy and proper operation. It is common to check all connections including gas and electric for looseness or leakage.
Technicians will tighten or replace them as needed.

Contractors will properly lubricate the moving parts on your furnace. Repair people will make sure any drainage pipes remain unclogged and operating freely. Included in a check-up is verifying the proper operation of motors, heat exchangers, burners, and capacitors. When the technician leaves, your furnace will be clean, serviced and ready to operate at its most efficient level when winter comes.

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