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Radiator Vs. Heater to Save on Your Electricity Bill

Radiator vs Heater to save on your Chicago Electricity Bill

Electric heaters and radiators are made to provide warmth for single rooms in your home, but they put out heat in different ways. To know which one is the best for your home, compare the cost effectiveness of both, the safety features of both and the conveniences that both offer.

Space heaters and radiators are just about 100 percent efficient in the way they use energy, but you can get a better efficiency based on what your heating needs are. For example, a small reading room could be warmed up by using a 600 watt heating element, but a family of 3 people sitting in the living room watching television would get better usage out of a much higher watt oscillating heater.

Space heaters have to rely on a quartz heating element, ribbon, or wire that produces the orange glow which radiates heat when activated. These units heat instantly the moment they start up unlike a radiator. They come in various sizes and shapes. You can find low watt heaters that will fit under your desk, or larger heaters that can be used to heat your family room or bedrooms.

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