Mokena AC Repair Services

We at MBR Services are the best air conditioning repair professionals in the Mokena area. Not only do we repair our customers’ air conditioning, but we also install HVAC systems in general. We also inspect and clean ducts, check a home’s air quality and install and repair air filtration systems. We’ve been serving both residential and commercial buildings in the Mokena area since 1998.

A/C Repair Service

Mokena can be hot in the summer. Our Mokena A/C Repair professionals understand this, and so strive to bring our customers the most efficient air conditioning service that they can. Repairing and Maintaining a central air conditioning unit in a building that hasn’t had any before is a big job, and our professionals will consult with the customer and evaluate the needs of the home or the business when it comes to air conditioning repair. We’ll also draw up a detailed and written contract for our customer. Though we’re completely trustworthy, it’s always good to have something in writing!

Maintenance and Cleaning

MBR Services can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week for those emergency A/C repairs. Few things are more uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of hot and muggy night only to find that the air conditioning has quit. Fortunately, what’s wrong with the knowledge and experience our technicians acquire, the repair can be fairly simple to fix, but only a professional can fix it correctly and up to code standards. An A/C might just need more refrigerant, but only a professional should handle the process.

It’s also important that an air conditioning system’s ducts be free of clogs. Clogs will make the entire HVAC system work harder to get cool or warm air into the house, will drive up energy bills and will eventually shorten the life of the system. So, a simple repair may correct a problem for a short period, but a continuously overworked A/C can still quit unexpectedly.

MBR is the Mokena A/C Repair company customers should turn to for their HVAC needs. Our professionals are licensed, bonded and have all the needed insurances that will allow them to do their best work on a customer’s HVAC and air conditioning system. A person or business who’s having trouble with their air conditioning system shouldn’t hesitate to contact us!

Call MBR Services anytime (708) 417-0725 and schedule a service call.