Boilers are part of the system that helps keep a house warm and comfortable during the fall and winter months. With a steam boiler, water is heated to the boiling point and the steam is distributed to radiators throughout the house. The boiler is equipped with all manner of gauges and regulators to make sure the pressure caused by the steam doesn’t become dangerously high. A hot water boiler works the same way except it has different controls and devices, including an expansion tank that keeps the water from boiling.

Maintenance and Repair

A boiler that’s malfunctioning needs to be fixed as soon as possible, because a damaged boiler can be dangerous, what with the high heat and the high pressure in the system. MBR Services are experts at boiler repair and installation. Our services include checking the controls and the water and cleaning the heat exchanger. We are pleased to sign service contracts with our customers that will let us come in at the start of the heating and cooling seasons for check-ups and troubleshooting. We can chemically treat the steam boiler water to lower its oxygen content, which will cut down on rusting.


New boiler systems have to be hooked up to supply main pipes and return main pipes, and these pipes have to feed into radiation units throughout the house. Hot water boiler systems also require the installation of an expansion tank and the radiation units will need to have their own return pipes. However, replacing an old, worn out boiler is simple. We wheel the unit in and hook it up to the existing pipes.

Saving Money

There are some simple things our clients can do to save money and to prepare their boilers for winter. They are:

• In the fall, the boiler should be drained and filled with fresh water, then any air should be bled out of it to let the steam or hot water flow easily.

• The radiators should be bled by slightly opening the bleed valves. Turn them off when steam appears.

• A bottle brush should be used to clean radiator baffles at the beginning of the cooling season.

For boiler installation and repair, don’t hesitate to contact MBR Services by dialing (708) 417-0725.