Orland Park Digital / Electronic Thermostat Service

Purchasing a digital electronic thermostat for your home can make a big difference in your home energy cost. Requesting a Orland Park Digital Thermostat installation can assure you that the thermostat will work properly, and give you the most energy savings possible. Count on us to install the best digital thermostats available.

Here are some things you need to know about digital thermostats:

  • Many thermostats will allow for you to set different temperature settings for different days of the week. In addition, they can sometimes be programmed to change temperature settings a few times even within the same day.
  • Digital programmable thermostats will offer an override button, so that a change can be made in temperature setting if desired.
  • To receive the most savings during the summer months, increase the temperature setting on your thermostat by five to ten degrees when you will be away from your home. In doing this, you will likely save a great deal of money. The general rule of thumb is, for every degree raised on the programmable thermostat, you can expect to save one percent on your energy bill.
  • Make sure you understand how your digital programmable thermostat works. If you use us for your Digital Thermostat installation, we will show you how to properly work your digital thermostat.
  • Leave installation to the professionals. Installing a digital thermostat deals with electricity, and instillation is something nonprofessionals should never attempt. Most digital thermostats run off of electricity, yet contain a battery back up mode.
  • Digital Thermostats are safer for the environment. Old thermostats contained mercury; which can be harmful to the environment. Upgrading your old thermostat, that contains mercury, to a new digital style can be safer.
  • Digital Thermostats are user friendly. Many times if you are dealing with an old thermostat, making sure the temperature is set correctly can be difficult. Digital thermostats have an ease of use that old types of thermostats do not. To change the temperature on a digital thermostat simply push a button, and the exact temperature desired will be set and usually displayed on a screen.

You will find that digital thermostats offer an ease of use that your older style of thermostat does not. Using a knowledgeable professional to install your digital thermostat is a must. Consider contacting us today, to start the process of upgrading your thermostat to a new digital thermostat.

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