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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

By October 8, 2012 Furnace No Comments

Signs it's time to replace your Chicago Furnace

A general rule of thumb is furnaces have a life span of about 15 to 20 years. That number will vary depending on maintenance and how much the furnace is used. There are signs your furnace is nearing the end of its usefulness other than the general rule of thumb. If your furnace needs constant repairs, it is time to think about a new furnace.  Your heating technician can only make so many repairs on a furnace before it gives up completely. In addition, parts for furnaces at the end of their life span may be more and more difficult to find, as heating technology is always improving, and may even come out to be more expensive than simply replacing the system entirely. Following are the main signs to look for when determining if it may be time to replace your home’s furnace.

A spike in energy bills is a red flag that something is not working correctly with the furnace. If the furnace has reached about 75% of its life span, putting money into its repair probably is not the economical answer. Cleaning or a simple repair might be the temporary answer, but it is probably time to start looking around.

After your furnace has come on and shut off a few times, you will have a good sense of the timing of the heating system. If you notice the timing of the furnace is out of the ordinary, this is a clue something is not right with the furnace.

Furnaces run with a fair amount of noise where it is located, but the noise should not be very noticeable in other parts of the house. Excess noise, whether it is something squeaking or rumbling is usually an indication it’s best heating days are behind it.
If you can smell gas or oil or find the registers emitting what looks like dust, just might mean your furnace is headed for the scrap pile. Your technician may be able to keep it going for a while longer, but how long that while is, may not be as long as you hope it is.

If your furnace experiences any of these problems, described above, it is time to start checking out a new furnace for your home. With the holidays quickly approaching, you don’t want to postpone the inevitable and be left with hunting for a new furnace during one of the busiest times of the year!  Have questions? Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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